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Keap Review 2023: Pricing, Features, And Detailed Overview

Keap (formerly infusionsoft) is a comprehensive CRM designed for small businesses that need an easy way to track their sales, capture leads, manage contacts, increase conversions, and stop wasting time, but is it right for you?

In this thorough review, we’ll take a deep dive into our favorite Keap features we use most and share our real-world experience of leveraging them for our own businesses and for many of our clients. Our aim is to save you time and help you decide if Keap is the right CRM sales and marketing automation tool to fit your business’s unique needs.

Let’s get started!

Keap CRM Overview

In case you haven’t heard of Keap, it combines customer relationship management, sales automation, email marketing, marketing automation, and more in a single, easy-to-use platform. With all your data in one place and easily accessible from desktops or the Keap mobile app, you can quickly see everything at once and take action directly from your contact records. Additionally, Keap allows you to trigger personalized follow-ups, which can help you move contacts along the sales pipeline or sales funnel and convert more leads, increasing revenue and driving growth for your small business.

Keap CRM

The Best Keap Features (Our Top 10 Favorites)

There are too many features to list them all here, so we will list some of the features and marketing tools that we use the most and that have proven to make a meaningful impact for our clients who use Keap.

1 – Client Management

Keap’s client management solutions allow you to easily manage customers and prospects while automating tasks like email campaigns and appointment reminders. With all your client data accessible from desktop or mobile devices, following up with specific or segmented contacts is quick and personalized, helping you provide better service to your existing clients and convert more leads.

2 – Marketing Automation

With Keap’s sales & marketing automation features, you can create automated tasks and reminders to ensure that important actions don’t slip through the cracks. You can also use automatic triggers to send emails when customers reach certain milestones in their customer journey. The advanced automation builder is very visual and is our favorite way to create campaigns that are clear and easy to understand. This easy-to-use automation helps keep your sales process on track and ensures that each customer (and team member) gets the attention and information they need in the right way and at the right time.

3 – Simple Yet Effective Lead Capture

Keap’s lead capture solutions are perfect for businesses that want more flexibility and options to capture more leads and track their progress through the sales cycle. New leads can opt-in from forms, events, customizable landing pages, or websites and automatically be added to your contact lists. Keap even has an official WordPress plugin to streamline the integration of lead capture forms on your website. The advanced lead capture capabilities make capturing leads, segmenting contacts, and targeting the right people with relevant messaging easier. With these tools, we’ve been able to help our clients grow their email lists incredibly fast with targeted leads that are automatically tagged and organized for better follow-up and conversions in the future.

4 – Integrated Calendar & Appointments

Most CRM software brands require an additional calendar and appointment solution, but with the included Keap Integrated Appointments solution, it’s super easy to book and manage appointments with customers. This feature allows businesses to set up availability calendars, create reminders for upcoming events, and even accept payments. This helps streamline the booking process and simplifies managing customer interactions. And it offers this right out of the box with no extra integrations needed. No need for Calendly or other additional apps.

5 – Business Phone Line & Mobile Phone App

Keap even has an official app for iOS and Android devices that includes a dedicated business phone line to provide a seamless customer experience through your mobile phone. When customers call your business, you’ll have quick access to all of their contact information, past interactions, and more.

6 – Text Marketing

Integrated text marketing and text automation make it easy to create automated SMS-based campaigns and track the performance of your messages. Incorporating text-based marketing along with email marketing has helped us and our clients target the right customers with the right type of message at the right time, which increases a feeling of personal attention and engagement, and results in higher conversions.

7 – Email Marketing

Keap’s email marketing and automation features are legendary because they make creating personalized emails that reflect your brand and the customer’s journey so easy. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly design beautiful emails with images, videos, and other content. And you can use automated workflows to trigger messages based on customer actions or interactions. This feature alone is why we started using Keap back when it was called Infusionsoft over ten years ago, and it is still a vital part of our digital marketing, helping us ensure that our email marketing campaigns are always relevant, engaging, and effective.

Keap Sales & Marketing Automation

8 – Reporting & Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. That’s why we love the included lead management & tracking solutions that make monitoring and managing your leads easy. This feature allows you to assign tasks, set reminders, track progress, and create reports on individual leads. With this critical data, you can quickly understand each customer’s journey to identify and refine your most effective strategies. The included marketing analytics also provides insights into which campaigns convert the most customers so you can focus more energy there and continue to fuel the growth of your small business.

9 – Sales Pipeline

Keap also includes an intuitive sales pipeline feature that makes tracking and managing leads easy. You can assign tasks, set deadlines, and follow up with customers in a few simple steps. The sales pipeline helps us keep our sales process organized and efficient, so we don’t miss out on any potential opportunities to convert leads to clients or better serve them in a way that is relevant to their stage in the pipeline journey.

10 – Integrated E-commerce & Payments

Keap’s integrated e-commerce and payment features have helped us to streamline the checkout processes and collect recurring payments. With this feature, customers can easily complete purchases from invoices or secure order forms for one-time purchases or subscriptions. Tags and other actions can be automatically triggered after the sale to keep things running smoothly and ensure a great customer experience before, during, and after the checkout. Several popular payment processors are seamlessly integrated, such as WePay, PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Bonus – Third-Party Integrations

There are many integrations with third-party services available, such as accounting software, payment processors, and analytics tools. This helps you create a seamless customer experience by pulling in data from other platforms and applications. With this feature, you can easily centralize all of your customer data in one place for better decision-making.

One of our favorite Keap integrations is a video messaging platform called Bonjoro. We use it to send personal videos to our new leads and existing clients for a memorable and personal touch.

As you can see, Keap has a robust and scalable feature set that is user-friendly and streamlined to help users quickly leverage them in a shorter time. In the next section, we’ll cover another reason we love Keap here at White Cedar Digital—the pricing.

Keap Pricing Plans, Discounts, & Free Trials

Pricing structure and options are another key part of deciding if Keap is the right option for your business. Keap offers three different plans: Pro, Max, and Max Classic (Formerly Infusionsoft). As you will see below, each plan has a different set of features and benefits at different price points.

We will include our most common recommendations below to give you a better feel for which plan is right for you. Be sure to check out our special Keap Certified Partner Discounts to get more contacts and save on your Keap plan.

Keap Pro

This is our most recommended plan because it’s affordable (especially with our Certified Keap Partner discount that you can find here) and has everything you need to create great systems for your team and wonderful client experiences as you build your email list and grow your company.

Not only is Keap Pro the perfect starting place, but it can also grow with your business. In fact, we still use Keap Pro here at White Cedar Digital since it fits our needs well as a digital marketing agency, and we plan to keep using this plan for years to come.

Keap Pro Features:

  • Email marketing
  • Sales & marketing automation
  • Dedicated phone line (US & Canada)*
  • Automated lead capture & follow-up
  • Lead & client management (CRM)
  • Appointments
  • Sales pipeline & analysis
  • Quotes, invoices & payments
  • Landing pages & online sales
  • Text marketing*

Keap Pro Pricing

Standard pricing includes 2 users and 1500 contacts for $189/month or $149/month(paid annually)

*Use our partner discount to get 2 users and 2500 contacts at a special reduced price.

click for special pricing

Keap Max

For companies who need more advanced tools and features like selling subscriptions, advanced analytics, lead scoring, one-click upsells, and promo codes, Keap Max will be a better fit.

If that sounds like a better fit for you, you can check out a special Keap certified partner discount for Keap Max below for a great deal that will double your number of contacts, lower your monthly cost, AND on top of that, save you 30% for the first three months. Click the button below to get all the details or sign up.

Keap Max Features:

  • Email marketing
  • Sales & marketing automation
  • Dedicated phone line (US & Canada)
  • Automated lead capture & follow-up
  • Lead & client management (CRM)
  • Appointments
  • Sales pipeline & analysis
  • Quotes, invoices & payments
  • Landing pages & online sales
  • Text marketing
  • Promo codes & upsells
  • Marketing analytics

Keap Max Pricing

Standard pricing includes 3 users and 2500 contacts for $249/month or $199/month(paid annually)

*Use our partner discount to get 3 users and 5000 contacts at a special reduced price.

click for special pricing

Keap Max Classic (Formerly Infusionsoft)

This is the version we currently use for some of our other membership subscription-based businesses and for our clients who run paid membership sites and are managing more robust CRM systems and automation features, lead source tracking, and affiliate sales capabilities. 

If that sounds like a better fit for you, you can check out a special Keap certified partner discount for Keap Max below for a great deal that will double your number of contacts, lower your monthly cost, AND on top of that, save you 30% for the first three months. Click the button below to get all the details or sign up.

Keap Max Classic Features:

Everything in Keap Pro & Max, plus:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • API Access
  • Workflow Automation
  • Marketing Campaigns Consultant
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Chat and Voice Support

Keap Max Classic Pricing

*Use our partner discount to get 3 users and 5000 contacts at a special reduced price.

click for special pricing

Take A 14-Day Free Trial

If you’re still feeling unsure about which version is the best fit, you can always take a free 14-day trial or just simply reach out to us at White Cedar Digital HERE, and we can personally help you choose the right plan and the right CRM for your business, even if it is something other than Keap.

Setting up and getting started with Keap CRM

Investing in a CRM system is a wise move when it comes to managing your customers and leads. And if you have chosen Keap as your go-to solution, you are on the right track to streamlining your business processes and improving your bottom line. It only takes a few simple steps to get started with Keap:

  1. Firstly, sign up for the software and create your account. 
  2. Next, customize your dashboard, add your logo, and import your customer data. 
  3. Then, create single emails or easy campaigns to automate your marketing and sales. 
  4. Finally, start using the software and leverage its features and great support resources to connect with your customers, track your progress, and boost your ROI. 

With a little effort and guidance, you can be up and running with Keap in no time and enjoy the benefits of a robust CRM system that helps you build lasting relationships and accelerate growth.

Keap Knowledge Base & Tutorials

As a Keap user, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge base articles and easy-to-implement tutorials (Keap calls each one a “marketing playbook”) to ensure you can make the most of the tool’s capabilities. These support resources are regularly updated to reflect the latest features and best practices, so you can be confident you’re getting the most accurate information. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started with Keap, the knowledge base and tutorials offer valuable insights that can help you streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and achieve business success.

Industry-Leading Personal Support

This is one of the most important features to us, and Keap knocks it out of the park in this category. Personalized customer service is there when you need it, with 24/7 live chat support as well as phone and email support access to a customer success manager, so help is always available when you need it. Keap really does provide industry-leading customer service that is timely and personalized. Whether you’re looking for guidance with getting started or assistance troubleshooting an issue, we can tell you from experience that the Keap support team is knowledgeable and friendly. Some plans even include a dedicated customer success manager. So, whatever your needs, their experienced staff is ready to provide the support you need to maximize your Keap experience.

Who uses Keap?

Keap is used by businesses from small to large and is enjoyed by users ranging from freelancers and entrepreneurs to multi-national companies that leverage Keap’s powerful features and benefits. Keap’s customer base consists of a variety of industries, including marketing, sales, e-commerce, education, healthcare, and more. Thanks to the intuitive UI design and comprehensive range of features, Keap can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of a small business or a large corporation. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for ways to scale up your operations, Keap gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to achieve success. What makes it even better is that we offer training sessions and resources so that everyone on your team can get up to speed quickly on how to use Keap. So, no matter what type of business you have, Keap can help take it to the next level.

Is Keap Easy To Use?

One of the unique aspects of Keap is the rare combination of its robust feature set and a well-thought-out and intuitive user interface and customizable dashboard. For example, the automation functionality is split into “easy” and “advanced” sections to shorten the learning and adoption time and allow companies to leverage the power of those features faster. You can get your first campaign publishes fast with “easy” automations. Then, as your team gets more experience with Keap, they can expand into more complex marketing campaigns with “advanced” automations. This user-friendly and growth-focused approach is evident throughout the Keap platform and is why we can confidently say that, yes, Keap is easy to use and will grow with you and your team as you leverage more and more of its powerful features over time.

Keap Easy Automation Examples

Keap Appointment Automation
Keap Sales Automation
Keap Lead Capture Automation

Migrating To Keap

Not only is migration to Keap simple, it’s also completely free – even if you’re switching from a competitor platform. On top of that, the Keap team of experts will assist you in migrating all of your crucial components, such as contacts, sales and marketing automation, email templates, and landing pages. You’ll receive top-notch service to ensure that your transition is seamless and efficient.


As you can see, Keap is a powerful and versatile solution that can help businesses of all sizes build lasting customer relationships and accelerate growth. We started using Keap over 10 years ago, and it has become a dependable and vital part of our growing agency as well as an invaluable asset to many of our clients. We hope this guide has helped you gain some deeper insights about Keap and some clarity about how it might or might not be a good fit for your growing small business.

Need Some Help Choosing?

If you’d like some personal help, just use our contact form to reach out, and we can help you find the perfect CRM for your business (even if it’s not Keap).

White Cedar Digital

White Cedar Digital is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in empowering businesses like yours with high-conversion digital marketing and smart automation to streamline your customer journey and scale your business.

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