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How To Leave A Google Plus Review

What if you had the power to help support the businesses you use and love? Well, here is the good news; YOU DO! It’s easy to do and it’s free. Google+ reviews are an extremely important part of a local business’ online presence. Having good customer reviews can help them rank better in the search engines for their geographical area as well as provide important information to other prospective customers or clients.

A Common Problem With Reviews

So you own a business, you work hard, and you are good at what you do, you’ve probably poured your heart into your business right? You might even have many satisfied customers who are willing to share their testimonials about your work.

BUT, Here’s The Problem: Even if your customers are extremely satisfied with your work AND willing to help support you; they are many times not familiar with how all this “internet stuff” works, making it very hard for them to leave a good review on Google+ for your business.

Getting a little confused about this review stuff is totally understandable and very common. Leaving a Google plus review can be daunting at first, especially if you are not online all the time dealing with this type of thing on a daily basis. Most of the time the business owners themselves don’t understand how to leave the review, even though they may understand how critically important it is.

Two Reasons Why Google+ reviews are vital for your business

  1. Better Ranking in Search Results – Obtaining reviews on a Google+ business page is of utmost importance for local businesses who want to rank well in the search engines. Because most people don’t look past the first page of search results, the higher a business can rank in those results helps them be more easily found by potential clients or customers. For many local businesses, the way they rank in the local search results on search engines like Google is a critical factor to online business success.
  2. Customer Influence – In addition to Google and other search engines placing a high value on leaving business reviews, studies show that most people’s purchasing decisions are highly influenced by information they find in customer reviews.

How To Leave A Google+ Review Step By Step

  1. Go to google.com
  2. Search on Google for the business by typing the company name and “google+” into the search field.
  3. Look through the results and find the business you are looking for. Make sure it is the Google+ page by looking at the URL and the Title of the listing. Also, be sure to double check the address and make sure it’s the right business location.
  4. Click the link and once on the Google+ page select the button that says “write a review.”
  5. Select the appropriate option to sign into your Gmail account or create a new one.
  6. Enter your star rating by clicking on the star rating you want (ex. if you want 5 stars, then click on the 5th star).
  7. Write the review
  8. Click on the submit button to submit your review.

That’s it, You’re done!

With each passing year, Google seems to be focusing more and more on this type of real, personal interaction when determining search ranking. So share this with your clients, customers and even other companies with whom you do business. Offer to exchange reviews with businesses you use and support. It’s all about good old fashioned, honest relationship building, and good business practices. Don’t wait any longer, share this video tutorial on how to leave a google+ business review with your customers today!

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