Digital Marketing Certification & Training Courses - White Cedar Digital


Marketing Analytics

Measurement is a key to success online. Learn how to properly set up tracking for your website and marketing efforts online, how to analyze and understand that data you collect, and how to use that information to make smart decisions for growth.

Video Marketing

Video is one of the most effective mediums online for engaging with leads, converting sales, and delivering digital products. Learn how to create quality videos and techniques for leveraging them on your website and other online channels.

Website 101: Build & Maintain

Learn how to build and customize your own website or simply how to maintain and make changes to the one you currently have. This course can help you start a career building websites or to train your team to bring the work in-house.

SEO & Content Marketing

Learn to design & implement a search engine optimization strategy built on tried and true fundamentals. master competitive and keyword research to create specifically engineered content, links, and more to bring the right free traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a powerful and very profitable source of leads, customer engagement, but only if you understand the fundamentals, the right tools, and how to implement the best strategy for your niche and your business goals.

Email Marketing & List Building

Learn to create lead magnets, automated campaigns, and more. This is a critical skill online today’s for any type of business to grow your email list, increase sales conversions, and increase the level of customer engagement with you and your brand.

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